Legend tells of a story that happened once upon an ancient time, just after the Big Bang that gave birth to the world of Stronghold Kingdoms as we know it; World 1, that is.

This world was a hostile, volatile place to live in and competition for survival was tremendous. Aggressors were everywhere and it was a time when everyone wanted the cookies of everyone else. These delicious cookies were commonly called “Flags” by World 1 dwellers. Every Steward and Parish dweller wanted those Flags for their Parish, for the great advantage they offer.

Amidst all this competition a legend was born; a vulgar individual, the notoriously aggressive ‘Cookie Monster’. This man wanted all the cookies, and he wanted them bad. So he devised a plan that would promise great success, but provoke many enemies. You see, he was a nomad, a true Dark Age warrior. Most stewards at that time were men of principle; granted they were aggressive and wanted to eat all the cookies too, but they did it with respect. They would mobilize a few armies to several parishes, modestly capturing what they can. ‘Cookie Monster’ though was quite different… He would mobilize a handful of bare-footed armed peasants, 9 or 10 in each “Army”. He then targeted a couple dozen parishes and proceeded to milk the life out of them. He pillaged Gold and Flags constantly. He knew when the Flags would spawn and would send his armies to each Parish, making sure to time the attacks properly. They would reach just after the Flag spawned, denying his opponents the chance to use these flags.

A superb pillager Cookie Monster was! He made many, many enemies and constantly received death threats and hostile ramblings, but it didn’t bother him. He would merely smirk like a true evil genius. Things went quite well for him until one day, one rainy day when a treacherous individual joined his Parish! It was months after he first started raiding the victim Parishes. The individual, known as Karma Man, voted himself steward overnight with the help of many allies, all of whom have suffered at the hands of the ultimate pillager.

Alas, it was all in vain. When Cookie Monster woke up, the stronghold of a Parish castle under his control had been deleted! He was mortified. His battle and Scout reports showed incoming attacks from more than 25 hostile parishes. He felt violated. The invaders had been sending 5 armed peasants each, pounding on his parish, pillaging Gold and Flags like bees on honey. Cookie Monster grew sad as the truth sunk in. Indeed, “What Goes Around, Comes Around”.

Story by: -Ashbringer-