A long time ago, when the world was new (About Day 370 game time – Ok not so new) a baby was born. His name was GerowolF. At first things seemed to be fine with GerowolF, he learned to walk and talk and his parents loved him. But then, in a horrible twist of fate, his parents died in a freak accident. People wondered why GerowolF seemed unsurprised at their death. Perhaps he was in shock?

Thankfully a player for House 4, The Farmers took him under his wing as his Vassal and decided to raise the young man himself. This player was none other than the infamous Improx. Now Improx was neither good nor bad, he was simply a force of nature. A force no one person, not even a faction, could stand against him. Improx rose to fame as a player everyone respected and feared, even if they didn’t like him…

Well as stories go there is a little more to tell. You see when Improx was middle-aged (Day 300 or so) he had a Vassal. This Vassal’s name was liano. liano was a good child, he did what Improx asked of him and so forth, but one day Improx had one of his many fits of fury, destroying one of liano’s villages. liano was crushed and vowed to take his revenge. Revenge came, but not like you would think… liano grew strong and took the war to Improx, a war that spanned years, now written in the annals of Stronghold Kingdoms in a secret vault of which no one knows.

Time brings all things to fruition and so it came to pass that the child GerowolF betrayed his adoptive father Improx. This betrayal drove Improx to insanity and he began to chew on the letters “G” and “~” on his keyboard. No one knows why the “~” key was chewed on, but as for the “G” we can easily guess. liano got his revenge and Improx disapeared. Fate would say that GerowolF was simply fufilling Improx’s destiny. But what does fate know?

GerowolF grew strong and let his strength turn him to the dark side, betraying seven different houses in seven weeks. Eventually he gained the trust of the honorable Sir MoGuL, who sent many armies and reinforcements to GerowolF, but GerowolF betrayed him as well! This, as they say, is just the tip of the carrot. Countless deceptions and betrayals, unknown to the chroniclers of Stronghold, have been committed by GerowolF, until finally the people of Kirkcudbrightshire grabbed their pitchforks and said “No more shall we fear this demon! No more players shall vanish because of him!”

In the wild when a wolf goes rabid, the wolf is destroyed. GerowolF had gone rabid. And so this story pauses, for now one knows what will be the fate of GerowolF. Kirkcudbrightshire watches anxiously and wonders who will be the next victim…

Story by: Justin Berthiaume